Term & Conditions

All the below mentioned terms and conditions should be read thoroughly before using https://catypes.info/ website. If you agreed the following terms and conditions, only then you could further be accessible to the website and avail the service. All the visitors, users and other who want access to use the service provided by us at our website https://catypes.info/ are targeted through these terms and all of these terms and conditions would be apply on them.

Once you are access to the service, you are actually bound by the application of all these mentioned terms, and if in any case you disagree with a term or more, or even any part of it then you will not be accessible to the service. This service might contain some links or in some cases third-party websites or services over which we don’t personally have any ownership or control. And thus in such cases where there is an involvement or presence of any third-party website, Catypes is not responsible for any of that company’s privacy policies or practices. Furthermore, you agree to the term that catypes won’t be responsible for any damage or loss caused due to the connectivity of these third-party websites or services.

Therefore, we personally strongly recommend you to go through the terms and conditions, practices and privacy policies of any of such third-party websites or services before availing any of their offers or services. In case of breaching the terms, you would be suspended immediately without any prior notice or information. All the terms that contains provisions of termination, would be terminated. This includes without limitation, ownership provisions, warranty disclaimers, indemnity and limitations of liability.

All the terms would be governed according to the law of Pakistan.  If we are failed to ensure any right or provision of these terms then in this case that right won’t be rejected certainly.  If the court will considered any of the provision of these terms, invalid, this won’t affect the remaining provisions of the terms. All these terms are based on the establishment of an agreement between us about our service.

We attain the right to replace or make amendments to these terms at any time. You will be informed before 30 days of the revision of any term. We are the only power to identify the change and to make the new changes.

Once these terms are revised then you are bound by the new terms in order to be accessible to our services. In case of disagreement with the new terms, you should not the service any more.

In case of any queries and questions, please contact us.