Siberian Cats

Siberian Cats


Almost 1,000 years back the Siberian Cats were identified in Russian folktales.  In the forested area of Siberia these cats were found. The climate of this area was luxurious, which is the reason behind the thick, warm and protective coat of this breed of cats. The Siberian cats like all other cats chase mice and rats cleverly and people even reward these cats for their hunting ability as it helps people to protect their homes, shops and stores from rats and mice and it saves their food and grains too.

The International Cat Association was the first one to recognize these cats, in the year 1996. In 1990, these cats were firstly imported to the United States. The American Cat Fanciers Association was the second one to accept this breed in the year 1999 and in 2006 the breed was accepted and welcomed by the Cat Fanciers Association. The breed become famous for the fact that people consider this breed as hypoallergenic, this was actually not correct.


The average weight attained by these cats is 8 to 17 pounds, but it is even more sometimes.


These cats have a heart which is exactly opposite to their homeland i.e. their heart is warm. These cats are very loving in nature and they love to roam around their people, even they follow them up to their bathrooms as well. They are so attached to people that they do everything they saw them doing from reading to meal preparation you will find your Siberian cat with you and the most amazing thing of the day is when their master comb their fur, they sit on their lap and give a beautiful gesture.

These cats, like humans will tell you about the whole day when you will enter the home and express all their feelings and acts they did all around the day.


They are very welcoming and not shy and hesitate with the strangers; they give a warm welcome to the guests.The other part of the Siberian is their active and playful nature. They love to fetch and catch the toys and play with you, and they don’t need any specific toy to play with, instead they took any item and made it a playful thing. You should keep all your precious stuff away from the Siberian because he will make it a playful thing. He has a quick-witted mind and it always pick all the tricks you teach him in a very short span of time.

Siberian Cats

As he is originated from the forests therefore he has more attraction towards water, and loves playing with water. It will even splash you in the water tub as it gives him joy, he loves to jump into the fountains and drink from them and also he use his paws and make puddles in the dishes full of water. If we talk about the athletic nature of the cats, then Siberian will be among the top names. It climbs on the walls and doors.

He is a calm cat and doesn’t hesitate or bother with any of the noises or such disturbing activities. He is called as a therapy cat as well as he always ready to provide therapies to you, like if you are feeling cold or ill he will be pleased to cuddle up with you. He would be glad if you give him attention but he is not desperate or aggressive to seek your attention, he will wait for you to finish with your entire busy schedule and then come to him.


The full-blooded and mixed-breed cats both attain the genetic health problems. Generally they are healthy but there is medical problem associated with this breed that is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. This hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a kind of heart disease due to which the muscles of the heart increases in size. This disease is not only found in Siberians, but this breed is one of the affected breeds.


This breed of cats possesses a thick and warm coat which should be combed at least twice a week so that it would be prevented from tangles or mats. In the season of spring and fall, the Siberian’s coats will shed and at that time they need more grooming. Due to the thick coat it is very difficult to shampoo the Siberian as it will need a lot of water to get wet enough for shampoo. The coat is water-resistant and giving him more baths is not that necessary.

You have to brush their teeth daily otherwise they will be harmed by periodontal disease and if in case you can’t brush on the daily basis then you should at least brush him once in a week. In every two weeks, you have to trim their nails. You should use a soft cloth to remove any sort of discharge from the corners of the eyes and for each of the eye change the area of the cloth to prevent from any sort of infections.

Do check the ears every week and if you find them dirty, do not use cotton swabs because it could cause damage inside the ear, instead clean them with cotton ball or a soft cloth moistened with the partial mixture of light warm water and cider vinegar.

Cats are always conscious about hygiene and cleanliness of their bathroom and litter box, so you should ensure the cleanliness in that. The average time period of growth for these cats is first year and a half of life.

In order to prevent the Siberian from the diseases it should be made an indoor-only cat. This could also prevent the cat from other outside risks like hitting by a car, attacks by dogs or coyotes, or being stolen by someone. If it is easy and possible for you, then make an artificial outdoor enclosure for him so that he will never wish to go out and jump and climb safely.

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