Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat


Wegie is the name given to the Norwegian Forest Cats as a short name. They are a self-reliant and loving part of the family, and they love receiving attention when people are happily and willingly giving it. The natural breed of wegies possesses long hairs, heads with inverted triangular shape and eyes that looks like an almond. As compare to other house cats they are bigger and the males have a significant larger growth than the females. Wegies love to climb and their first attempt to see how high they can go is climbing over the sofas of the houses. They are very suitable for a playful indoor cat.

These cats have a double coat that protects them in winter. With strangers they are a bit shy but generally they are easy-going, around them especially their behavior with kids and the quality of being patient with other animals is one of the prominent features of their personality. Although the Norwegian Forest Cat is more independent than a lap cat but still if you would try to lead him, he would love that. Wegies are rarely listening as they are less vocalized.


The average weight of the Norwegian Forest Cats is 13-20 pounds and they have a height of about 12-18 inches. These cats attain their full growth at the age of 5 years. They have six colors in range which vary from white, black, red, cream, and tabby to cinnamon. The life expectancy of wegies is up to 16 years.

Characteristics of the Norwegian Forest Cat

  • Norwegian Forest Cat have a medium level of affection.
  • Norwegian Forest Cat are friendly and jolly in nature but not at the extremist.
  • These cats are very friendly with the kids and enjoy the time that is spending with kids.
  • Norwegian Forest Cat don’t show aggressiveness with other pets, but are very friendly in nature with them.
  • To maintain the body and health of the Norwegian Forest Cat there is a need of balanced exercise for them.
  • Norwegian Forest Cat possess a very high energy level that never gets low.
  • Norwegian Forest Cat are very sharp and have an intelligent mindset.
  • Their tendency to be vocal is quite low.
  • The amount of shedding found in these cats is low.


History of the Norwegian Forest Cat

Hundreds and thousands of years ago the Norwegian Forest Cats arrived in Norway. One school of thoughts claim that they were brought to Norway by the Turkish traders when they came to this place for trade, another school of thought says that these cats were brought up by the treasures at the time of Crusades. The double coat on possessed by the Norwegian Forest Cats might be acquired through mating with the regional cats. Norwegian Forest Cat were considered as great mousers and they help in protecting houses and even barns. Along with this they are famous for catching rides and Viking ships due to their characteristic of hunting. Among the Norse mythology and tales the Norwegian Forest Cat is very popular and loved by many people by the name of Skogkatt.

In 1938 the Norwegian Forest Cat was displayed at a show, people really like this breed, the Norwegian Forest Cat Club was established after this show to protect and preserve this amazing breed. But due to World War II these plans of preservation of this breed failed and due to crossbreeding of Norwegian Forest Cat this breed was almost exterminated and the Norwegian Forest Cat Club started making efforts to protect the breed. The Europe’s Federation International Feline registered this breed in the year 1977, and after some years the United States started displaying the wegies. The Norwegian Forest Cat has become the official cat of Norway.


This cat breed known as Norwegian forest is coated with furry long-haired fur. This breed needs to get bath only in some certain situations, their fur do not get harmed from any water splash.

Norwegian Forest Cats must be brushed every week with stainless steel brush or by some hard brush, because it’s needed. In spring and winter season their hairs are shed so much so for this the breed should get combed every week three times at least.

All the cats including this breed needs the regular dental care. The owner must have to brush the teeth of this cat in order to prevent it from the teeth disease named periodontal disease. Clean waste box attracts the cats and if it’s not clean than you might wipe out the dirt from your room. Once a week, wipe the corner of the Norwegian cat’s eyes to clean it of any discharge. You have to clean the eyes of the cat once in a week so that any of the disease could not harm it. And remember! You have to use a clean and a wet cloth to clean the eye in order to prevent it from cross contamination process.

Norwegian Forest Cat


Some Health Problems And Diseases

Norwegian Forest Cat breed has not any sort of diseases like the other cats have but you have to take care of it unless it get some serious disease which affects its health on a large scale. Norwegian Forest Cat usually found with a good health but some things and situations but be in your mind:

Glycogen Storage Disease IV: It is Fatal which is an inheritable condition but it seems rare ‘Once in a blue moon. Kittens are usually stillborn or die soon after birth, but it can present up to 5 months later. One thing which you will witness more and more in this breed is that the kittens died at a sudden after birth and sometimes they do not get normal till 5 months, when survive. In order to ensure the kittens health a DNA test is required.

Hip Dysplasia: This disease is mostly found in dogs but this breed is also at risk in regards to this disease. It get worsen over time to time which leads a cat to act slowly like it do in a normal situation.

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Heart problem which is normally found in tis breed and in other cats too, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a disease in which muscles gets thick. This disease and health problem is very much common in other breeds too.

Nutrition and Diet

This typo known as Norwegian forest cats usually takes diet full with protein and meat is much preferable. Sometimes the cat ignores the meal if the meal is not of its type. The cats usually or mostly stay away from carbs as they do not like it, as other animals and dogs like.

They eat wegies more and more because of its size which is large. If the cat’s does not eat what you place in front of her so you might try cat food for its delicious meal. The cat food is available in different brands, you have to buy the brand which suits your pet.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Further Research on other cat breeds

Research is must for the selection of the breed, without research you cannot occupy or gather authentic data. You can get the information via social media and the person you know who owns the cat breeds.

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