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maine coon

One of the most popular mouser, farm cat known as Maine Coon just like ship’s cat exists from 19th Century is a New Englander. Very little information is found about the origin of this natural breed. One school of thought believes that in the period before the ocean blue was sailed by the Columbus, this cat was brought by the Vikings to North America; the other school of thought says that these cats are the offspring of the cats with long hair associated to Marie Antoinette and they were brought to America as a return of the expected escape of the doomed queen. Some even says that the long haired cats were brought up by the captains of the sea and they mate them with the short haired cats.

It has been proved biologically that these Maine Coon cats did not came into being through the mating of a raccoon and a cat as it has features like furry ringed tail and brown tabby coat which indicates is the proof for this mismatch.

The only similarity is the way these cats got their name. Maine Shags is the name that was given to these Cats that exists without the brown tabby coat. A reference was published about the Maine Coon with the name Captain Jenks of the Horse Marines, this publication took place in the year 1861. In 1895 a cat show was held in Madison Square Garden in which the female Maine Coon was given the name Best Cat. The home-grown felines were famous exhibits who brought cats at the cat shows held in Boston and New York.


In 1908 a Cat Fanciers Association was established and in this association a Maine Coon named Moly Bond was the cat that registered on the fifth number. These cats can lost their popularity for over half a century when the Persian and exotic Siamese were invaded from England brought there. The betterment in the form of regaining the popularity of Maine Coon started in the 1960s. In 1968 the Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association was established. Presently, the state of these cats, is the big and beautiful which are very famous globally.


Maine Coons are usually large cats weighing 9-18 pounds and even some are of 20 pounds as well, in which the male Maine Coons are larger as compared to the female Maine Coons. The original size of the Maine Coons appeared at the time when they are 3-5 years old.



maine coonThe Maine Coon adopts the lifestyles and personalities. It easily get indulge with people and habitual of following them around not because he is needy of the people’s surroundings but because he feels pleasure to have people’s attention towards him. He don’t always want you to give all your time to him, in case you are busy then he just stare at you and supervise your actions. Maine Coon always shows patience when you are not free for him and does not act like a typical cat who roams around you all the time. He shows the skills of a mouser. Mice, rat and squirrels are unable to stay at home in the presence of these cats. He even uses his big paws to chase toys if there are no mice at home.

One of the favorite things for a Maine Coon is to play fetch and he enjoys finding and taking back toys and small pieces of papers. Just like normal cats, these cats can also climb but it prefer to stay on ground. He has very quick learning power and he learns challenging and interesting tricks in a short span of time. They often found happiness in doing actions of a kitten rather than behaving like a typical adulthood, and this is found more in the male ones. Female Maine Coons are dignified and they uses soft vocal while making sounds or speaking.


Maine coons suffer from health problems which are naturally associated with them and are genetic. These cats are affected by the following problems:

  • Maine coon cats suffer from lameness in case of hip dyspepsia.
  • Maine coon cats are found with heart disease named as Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and this occurs inheritably.
  • In order to identify the cats with diseased mutations, a DNA-based test is present.
  • Maine coon cats also experience renal failure which is a result of polycystic kidney disease.
  • A genetic disorder is found in these cats named as spinal muscular atrophy that affects their trunk and limbs. The affected kittens could be detected through a test.


Grooming the Maine Coot regularly creates a silky texture on it. It is essential to comb and oil it at least twice a week so that the dead hair on its skin would be removed. A grooming rake, stainless steel comb are the tools used for its grooming and to remove tangles. These tools need to be used efficiently on the skin taking care of the stomach area and tail. When it’s about hair pull, Maine Coots do not show their characteristic of being patience. Maine Coon tail should always be cleaned gently. The bath range of these cats varies from every few weeks-every few months. The indication of the bath time of these cats is his greasy coat or stringy fur. In order to prevent his teeth from periodontal diseases you should brush them regularly or at least weekly. In every two weeks the nails should be trimmed.

You should use a soft cloth to remove any sort of discharge from the corners of the eyes and for each of the eye change the area of the cloth to prevent from any sort of infections. Do check the ears every week and if you find them dirty, do not use cotton swabs because it could cause damage inside the ear, instead clean them with cotton ball or a soft cloth moistened with the partial mixture of light warm water and cider vinegar. Cats are always conscious about hygiene and cleanliness of their bathroom and litter box, so you should ensure the cleanliness in that. In order to prevent these cats from the diseases it should be made an indoor-only cat. This could also prevent the cat from other outside risks like hitting by a car, attacks by dogs or coyotes, or being stolen by someone.


A Maine Coon has a soft and shaggy coat which makes him look strong. He has a physique that could make him stand in all the weather conditions and to work in harsh climate too. His body structure is prominent with its broad chest, medium-length legs and his paws served as “snowshoes” during the winter season because of the roundness and fluffiness of his paws.

On shoulder there is a heavier coat but shorter, while on stomach it becomes longer, with fluffy tail. And a head with medium width. Long ears with four multi colored eyes like copper greenish gold, green and gold (every specie has one colored eye). Sometimes white Maine coons have blue eyes. These typo of cats can only be found in solid colors like white, brown, black and sometimes they are seen with patterned colors.


When it’s time to make choice for families, then the laid back Maine Coon is the best choice due to its friendly nature. He is happy when he gets attention from children who are polite and respectful to him. He is comfortable and happy when kept with cat-friendly dogs. Pets should always be introduced in proper, comfortable situations this will ensure its element of being together.

maine coon

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